Achieving Success and Setting Goals

We all have desires to make changes in our lives. Most people keep a mental ‘to do list’ that connects our plans for personal improvement with a goal. Goal setting helps you make better decisions whether they are short- or long-term objectives, and by doing so it allows you to measure your accomplishments.

What areas do you need to improve?

The first step in personal improvement and goal setting is identifying the areas that need to be changed for the better. To figure this out, list your strengths, weaknesses, values, and desires with respect to your personal , professional and your social life.

You should see a relationship starting to emerge between these areas. For example - did you have being physically active as one of your personal desires but list the long hours you work as one of your professional strengths?

Choosing your goals?

Once you have an understanding of the areas of your life you excel in and the areas, in which you are lacking, think about what is needed to bridge these areas. For example, you may notice that shopping is one of your personal desires, but it is directly affected by your social habit of going out to the bar every week. In other words, you need money to go shopping, but you can't seem to save anything because you spend all your money to maintain your social relationships. In this instance having some restraint from costly activities every week should leave money at the end of the month for your desire.

It’s that simple. You isolate what area of your life requires change and begin to choose specific goals that will improve that aspect. Now you can outline concrete steps to take in your social life to make sure you fulfill your personal desire to shop, such as saving money by having friends over rather than going out and spending money.

Achieving your goals

Goal: Growing your Bank account

Personal: Rid yourself of destructive habits like smoking and unnecessary spending. Create a budget and stick to it. Develop a timeline for your career and changes that will work toward your goal.

Professional: Increase your stability in many ways by banking your raise, reducing lunch expenses, and networking with others to ensure that you're really in the job/position you want. You can increase your skills through training or taking on extra work, and keep track of your accomplishments in the workplace. If you see an opportunity for advancement, you have already outlined your skills & successes so go for it.

Social & Love: If you're thinking it's time to settle down, make sure you're choosing "Mr. or Mrs. Right" or you'll be in for a rocky future. If finances are not the best, think of dates that aren’t going to use your credit, like rollerblading, hiking or cooking for your friend.

Keep focused on the end result!

"A goal with no plan well... it’s just a wish."

Don’t forget to measure your progress on a regular basis. Review your short and long term goals every few months or more often as needed and see how much progress you have made. One of the reasons many people do not see great success is lack of focus. Tie everything you do into your overall goal and you will achieve the results you desire.

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