Are you wanting to adopt here is one cute guy

I'm 3 years old and I'm a friendly, energetic, bubbly boy by nature heart emoticon I like to snoop, investigate and proceed with caution....its just my way. My most favourite thing to do is make my care takers smile, it's the least I can do as they work hard to make my days easier. I'm grateful for my food, my beddy and the roof over my head but I cannot find the words to explain the loneliness in my can't imagine the ache unless you've been there.....the hardest of all is when the lights go out at night and I'm alone.....I dream for the days where I can be spooning with my new mama or daddy in front of the tv all nice and cozy......that would be all I ask for in my life time....the comfort of a family...... cuz nothin means nothin without me, I know.......

~Adoptions are open Sundays from 1-3:30 Monday-Friday from 1-7:30 and Saturdays from 9-3:30 and my number is 519-685-1330~

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