"Before I die, I want to......"

This week I took the time to visit a really creative and interesting community art project. The Trinity United Church has installed a giant chalkboard on Hale St., where everyone is invited to fill in the blank to the line "Before I die, I want to....". If you want to check the pulse of the community, take a visit! It will be available throughout the month of August. As of today, the board has already been filled twice, and wiped clean for refilling! Seems this is a very popular neighbourhood gathering spot in the evenings, and the comments have sparked some interesting discussions and reflections. It's even been a spiritual experience for some.

The day I visited, the wishes, hopes and dreams ranged from "swim with a shark", to "making the world a better place", to simply "live". Of course, 'make London the #1 place to live" caught my eye as something that would fit very nicely here on my blog!

Building our community into a place we love, a place where we want to live, is so important to the health and wealth of our lives and our homes. Valuing our communities not only adds to our quality of life, but also improves our property values. A win-win all around!

So, dream on London! And, thank you Cat Hall-Oaker for dreaming up this fantastic community art project!

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