Expectations - High or low, where did they go?

Years ago I was told my expectations were to high, that I was only setting myself up for disappointment. I think it was true then but what about now? How low do they need to go?
- When I walk into a store I do have an expectation that I will be treated fairly and will be given great customer service.
- When I call a service provider I have an expectation that I will be given correct information and will be again given great customer service
- When I read the newspaper I have an expectation that there would be a minimum of spelling and grammar mistakes
- When I am at work I expect to be treated with respect and courtesy
- When I receive an email I have an expectation that proper names will be capitalized
- When I am watching a TV show I have an expectation that I can watch it uninterrupted by on screen advertising during the actual show (this is something new)

It came to me that these are the expectations of my generation and that I expect all of this because I have experienced it. I grew up in a culture based on great customer service, proper grammar and spelling and do unto others as they would do to you and sales is the highest form of customer service.

Through further examination I have looked at the younger people in my life and I see that they don't really have the same expectations that I do because they have never experienced it. They are used to waiting for service, they are used to sales/service people being untrained and they are used to being treated poorly by their employers. These are the expectations that have evolved because every company wants to be leaner and meaner, that it all stops at the bottom line, we can't afford to train people to be better and that the people working in these companies are tired and just trying to get through life. Most have to have more than one job because most employers won't hire them full time. I feel sad for this generation but then again they live day to day with their expectations so low that they are never disappointed.

Will it evolve back again? I sure hope so. 
What do you think? 








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