February 2013 Market conditions,

This year so far,  I have been experiencing a remarkably steady amount of buyer enquiries with serious motivation.  These people are ready to buy.  The number of new listings is keeping a steady pace with the amount of people looking to buy them and this is typical of a balanced and healthy market.  

We also have the best interest rates ever available,  and if you still are not sure if this is the best time to buy your home, I really do not know if you can ever get any better than this triple combination of market forces such as low interest rates, the right amount of listing inventory and a fairly steady job market,

Homes prices were cheaper a few years ago here in London and the modest increase that has occured is extremely healthy,  if you are waiting for a price correction to happen here in London, think again,  it will not get better than this.

I personally have over 36 years of experience in selling homes in London and area,  this year somehow feels good.

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