Human Expansion - more than just our waistlines.

As I was reading the LFP this morning I came upon a term I had not heard before. ‘Human Expansion’. I know the obesity levels are sky high but in this case it means the movement of humans into the natural parts of the city. It is also used to describe our movement into the cosmos or the oceans. Basically we are treading into territory that creates havoc among that area’s natural habitant’s (wildlife, trees, insects).

For now I will concentrate solely on our human expansion into the natural parts of the city. I guess one of the most notable is when you drive down Springbank Dr. towards Commissioner’s in Byron. Reservoir Hill has always been described as country in the city, with a breathtaking view of the city. When you drive that part of the road and you look up to see the majestic trees in their most natural state. As they have always been. Now it is a bare space waiting for the cement trucks to start coming. I feel for the neighbours. What was once a quiet, peaceful neighbourhood is now busy, dusty and noisy. A man made disruption in their tranquil existence.

On the other hand is it ok that now more people will get to enjoy the view? Hmmmm

Yesterday I was looking at new houses in the north end of the city. Driving up Wonderland north of Fanshawe. Where do all the people come from that are buying these homes. Good for me! J Turning west onto Sunningdale Rd it is hard to believe that this used to be so far in the country most people had never even heard of the area. 

The big question is ‘Where does all the wildlife go that lived in this area’. 100 years ago we as the arrogant humans we are just trudged through. If we wanted to develop a piece of land we did, with no thought to the environment or the inhabitants of the area, as we saw yesterday when that poor deer ended up in the foundation of a new home. People rallied around to save it. By building a ramp the deer eventually made it out overnight.  

Today I’d like to say there are requirements and committee’s in place to look at the effect on the environment before building starts. They are certainly not perfect. We have to think more about the migration patterns of wildlife, not just hit and miss.

I’m sure there are some developments that have been approved on the size of the donation or ‘who you know’.

It’s a start and a lot more people are being held accountable for their actions. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Big mountains can be moved or at least scaled down.

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