Live an Urban Lifestyle in Downtown London

I chose to live in downtown London, because I wanted to be able to walk as much as possible. I'm 59 years old and walking is some of the easiest exercise I can get. Downtown London is fairly compact. The old main street is along Dundas, while the new main street is Richmond Row. These streets, along with their cross streets, provide a wide choice of retail stores, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and necessary services. I use the Central Library at Dundas and Wellington a great deal. The Rotary Reading Garden, which is accessed through the Children's Library, is one of my favorite spots in the whole city to unwind. It contains two major water features, a number of shady nooks, and some wonderful plants and grassy areas. The High School production of "Hello Dolly" at the Grand was of the highest caliber. It bodes well for their upcoming winter season. The Covent Garden Market is a city treasure. You probably can save some money by shopping elsewhere, but no where else will give you the same feeling of pleasure in your surroundings. The Budweiser Gardens play host to a very good O.H.L. hockey team in the Knights. It is also the backdrop for some wonderful concerts like the recent Shania Twain show. I love that I can see a movie for a discounted price at the Rainbow Cinemas in the old City Plaza. The building I live in has a gym and pool, but the Y.M.C.A. on Waterloo Street has great facilities for those who would like to exercise in the water or on dry land. The street festivals in historic Woodfield Village, the Old East Village, and along Dundas street were greatly enjoyed. As were Sunfest, Home County Music and Art Festival, the International Food Festival, and Ribfest all held in Victoria Park. The Canada Day festivities in Harris Park were second to none. Wonderful fireworks lit up the night sky for quite a long while. My old friends and family members tell me that I've done more in a few months in London then they have done in years. I can only reply that I wish I had more time so that I could do it all. There is so much to do here, and I'll be writing more about the events I have attended, and those I hope to attend in the future.

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