Living in the City ~ Up in the Trees

I recently had the opportunity to watch a master at work. John Geleuken, of Oxford Tree Service kindly came to our home to rescue our beautiful locust tree and give her a nice haircut.

Those of you who follow my posts know that our backyard garden is our pride & joy. Our little oasis in the City. The centre of it all is our giant locust tree. I've spent countless hours enjoying the dappled shade and photographing the birds, squirrels, raccoons, and any other wildlife that happens to use it as a shortcut between the massive maples. Not to mention, the beautiful yellow glow it gives every fall....

In recent years, this tree has developed a bit of a list, and a ton of dead branches that threaten to bean our heads with any slight breeze. After losing our oldest maple on the front lawn, we were not anxious to lose this one. This is the Forest City after all!

My handy husband sized it up and thought maybe he could prune it himself. Kudos to Steve for thinking the process through (or at least the first step!), and realizing that some things are not really good DIY projects. Turns out, heights are not his thing.

So, in comes the pro.

It was truly amazing to watch John hanging from a rope 60 feet in the air, gracefully swinging from branch to branch, with a chain saw dangling from his belt, no less. Agility, flexibility and strength ~ just like a human squirrel! The neighbourhood was enthralled. We were completely captivated by the show.

John and his crew carefully moved our entire deck set up, giant flower pots and umbrellas (we have 2 to protect us from the birds, not the sun!), and put it all back just the way they found it. The chipper took away all the fallen branches, and they completely cleaned up the droppings. With the sheer scope of this job, the fact that there was no damage on the ground was remarkable. A true testament to the skill and ability of Oxford Tree Service. I'd highly recommend them!

While we were a little sad to lose most of the bottom branches ~ she seems a bit naked now ~ we are so very pleased that she now has a fighting chance to keep her air space beside the towering maples. And, she looks pretty majestic with her new hairdo!

The show was definitely worth the price of admission!


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