London Licious

Get a baby sitter and call a cab… for tonight we live it up! London Licious has been celebrating gourmet gastronomy with locally owned and operated restaurants for 7 years. It is the only festival in London that invites you to live it up in one of your favourite restaurants and try some new ones. At Licious Festivals, we have worked hard to ensure you'll have a great experience and travel the world in culinary style. It's cheaper than flying... and there's no full-body scan! With over 35 restaurants participating, each with its own unique, delicious fixed-menu options to offer, you won't leave unsatisfied! We encourage you to try as many restaurants as you can and share your reviews on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Indulge in Life! Also, don't forget to get your beauty on before heading to your favourite lunch or dinner...

Cost: Lunch $15 & $20 Dinner $25, $30, & $35


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