Market slow? Maybe anywhere but London!

The statistics state that it is a slower market right now in London and area - I guess that is what it shows compared to the last couple of years. However, that being said - we had a few record years go by. So really is it slow? I don't think so. Many of my listings are selling in one day and for very close to List price. April, May and June are typically are busy for most Realtors and this seems to be true this year as well - this is good news!

So, really it may be slower than the past few years have been however, London is still booming and multiple offers are happening so be ready. My best advice is  to: Get pre-approved, know where your target area is and  how much you want to spend (not what the bank says you can afford). This will help you decision easier when it comes to putting an offer in a on a great house quickly, giving you a better chance of getting you the house you want!

Happy Spring Shopping!

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