Olympic Fever - Do YOU have it??

Olympic fever, what is it really?
Is it the fact that  your TV is tuned to the Olympic channel from sun up to sun down (and more). Is it channel flipping through 3-4 different olympic channels that are all showing different events at the same time.  I'm dizzy for sure, because of the time difference I find I am at times watching the same event twice. Is it talking to someone on the phone and you're both watching the same channe at the same time?? I was speaking to my daughter doing that but my TV was ahead by about 2 seconds and when I exclaimed 'OH NO' she didn't know what I was talking about...lol.  It's interesting watching the US reports, they are showing promo's of races that they haven't shown yet so everyone already knows who one... I have to say I'm also quite proud of my niece Jennifer Hedger from TSN, she is doing a great job in the afternoons on CTV and how old is that Brian WIlliams guy? He definitely has a lot of history. 

The fellow that fell off the pummel horse so sad, the young Korean fencer that lost because of a faulty clock and sat there in tears for 30 mins waiting, you really do have to feel for the Asian culture, I have heard if you aren't bringing home gold you might as well keep going and stay on the boat to another country. There have definitely been some exciting upsets, the swimming (what happened to Micheal Phelps) and that 16 year old Chinese girl, can she really out swim the men?? There will be a lot of peeing in cups I'm sure.
The mens gymnastics? Wow, a lot of mistakes from the top men in the world. Nerves I guess. 
I have some big questions
1. Why are the women wearing tiny bikini's while playing beach volleyball but the men are all covered up.
2. What is syncronized diving about anyway?? Gotta love those tiny speedo's but no more butt cracks please.
3. Why don't we get to see the bizarro sports like shooting and archery?
4. Where is Lesotho and Nauru? I've never heard of these countries
5. Do I really need to hear about what people are tweeting?? Social Media has certainly changed the game.

I will continue to watch, not sure why because the Canadians aren't quite out of the gate yet, but there is hope, the women are in the artistic gymnastic finals for the first time and  the girls basketball looks good.  






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