Oregon company creates thermal imaging app

WILSONVILLE, Ore. -- Wilsonville’s Flir has unveiled technology that turns your phone into an infrared camera.

“It enables a whole new world of vision for iPhone 5 owners,” said CEO Andy Tiech as he demonstrated the app called Flir One.

The tiny camera can help you seek out where your home is losing heat, detect trouble as you vacation outdoors and even come in handy at the playground,

“How hot is it before a child sits on a piece of playground equipment?” Tiech asked.

Along with the color changes in an image, the camera gives a temperature reading,

“There’s a temperature difference that’s indicated when you have a leak in your house. You have cold air leaking in and warm air is going out and those appear as temperature differences,” the CEO explained.

The app is based on technology used by search and rescue crews and the military for night vision.

“You can see what’s around your campsite, maybe an animal. They show up well because of a strong temperature difference,” explained Tiech.

The price is $349 and it could prove priceless for a pet owner, he said.

“If you have a dog that’s gone out into the night you’ll be able to see them in the dark with the Flir One,” Tiech said. "And yes, you may even be able to tell if the warm couch means they’ve been sleeping on it while you were gone.”

The Flir One app is available for preorder now on the company website and in August will be in Apple stores.

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