Passion, what is it, where do you get it?

In my kitchen I have one of those feel good slogans hanging above my door. It is a picture that says ‘Live with Passion’. When I first saw it I thought I want to have that. I want to always remind myself to live my life with passion. I have read about it in magazines, in books, people talk about it on TV on the talk shows. You hear people talk about it, saying ‘riding motorcycles is my passion’ or ‘gardening is my passion’. What does that mean?

I have to admit I still don’t know if I have it or how it really works. I think about it, I am always trying to figure out what my real passion might be. Is there something I like to do so much that I can say it is ‘my passion’? Is it the same as zest? Having a zest for life! I see stories that make me believe there are many people out there that are so passionate about certain things that they will give up other things to do it. Tree huggers, save the whale people, historical architecture, saving animals.

What is it that makes someone feel that strongly about something. I wonder if you are born with it or do you acquire it over time, is it something you learn from others.

Is it a noun or a verb?

There are things in my life that I love to do. I love golfing, I love the water, I love houses. I love being able to figure things out logically, I love to laugh.  

Is that living with passion? I hope so.

What are you passionate about?


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