Poliitics- the good, the bad and the evil

They say you should never discuss politics at a party. I agree!
Everyone seems to have their own opinions (which is good) based on their own experiences. Those experiences 
usually include in larger part our upbringing.  How politics were discussed during our early childhood and teen years definitely have an effect on how we think now. Some families discuss politics at the dinner table with great furvour, a debate at every meal. Some not so much. Some families have come apart at the seams just because of a difference of political opinion.

When I think of politics I think back to the first time I ever met Anne Marie-Diccico (our past and longest serving Mayor 2000-2010), it was in the gym at CC Carruthers PS in 1991. It was her first time running for a political office and my first time at a politcal rally. As a political newbie I was very impressed, I found her genuine and I felt that she really wanted to make a difference. I voted for her.

Over the years I have come to an opinion that most political candidates start out genuine, they are eager to change the world and they have our best interests at heart for the most part. The challenge is that along the way they become jaded, frustrated and when they finally get to a position that they can make a change they owe so many people favours it is hard for them to vote with their own conciousness.   

Recently here in London we have had the occasion to witness politics at it's worst! Our elected Mayor and his council have been nothing but embarrasing. The first time I heard mention of the Marconi club debacle I just waited, I waited for Joe to say something. I expected him to have some excuse but all I heard was that he couldn't recall, that he would have to research the situation. Well I can tell you that sealed his fate in my mind. All he had to do was say I paid it back and that with further investigation the truth would come out. I certainly know that I would remember if I paid for my son's wedding or not. How can he even pretend to not remember. It certainly shows me that he thinks the people of London are not that smart. Well I am very sure that his days are numbered. I'm just not sure who will take his place.
Our political system is not new, it is rooted in hundreds of years of tradition. Good or bad, it is what we have. 

I have to confess that good or bad when I vote it is usually for the person that I feel is the lesser of all the evils.  

This is my opinion, based on my experience.




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