Problems with the new $20 bills

The new polymer $20 bills introduced in November 2012 are pretty slick, but there's been a lot of people having problems with these with it comes to vending machines and other payment stations.

The polymer bills come with a lot of benefits like being durable, they last longer than the paper ones and they don't crumple or get out of shape easily. They are also a lot harder to counterfit because of the materials used in them.

It's these benefits though that are causing lots of complications all around Canada.

Vancouvers TransLink and Torontos GO Transit both won't accept the new bill, and vending machinces all across Canada aren't accepting it either. Vendors are still trying to update their machines from the new, lighter toonies and loonies that were released earlier and now they're going to need to update for the new twenties as well.

The new Five and Ten dollar polymers are expected to be released by the end of 2013

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