Putting My Pond To Sleep

First of all did you notice I said "season?" That is because I do not want to mention the dreaded winter...Brrr

It is however, inevitable that the season will change to colder temperatures and I, like many others need to put my pond to sleep. Although I have been feeding my fish less and less and will miss their wonderful hello -  as they come up to greet me each day, hungry for a nibble of the wheat germ that is preparing their little bodies for the long winters nap. it has to be done. I complied a list of to do's in preparation for the change you may find helpful:

Fall/Winter Pond Checklist  

  • Reduce the number of leaves falling into the pond with netting (I don't use one but I like to go out there often to clean them out regularly)
  • Clean out the pond from leaves and give the edges a little scrub if you can 
  • Cut back dead or dying aquatic plant foliage (my Iris stems are more than 9 feet tall!)
  • Toss out all annual floaters such as water hyacinth and lettuce (I compost mine)
  • Use a wheat-germ-based pond food for your fishies until the water freezes over (you can use it again in the spring) until the water and temperatures warm up
  • Disconnect the pump, filter and UV clarifier before water freezes 
  • Store UV clarifier indoors for protection, the bulbs will break if it freezes 
  • Store filters indoors (if manufacturer’s directions suggest) I place my pump and filter in water (in a large tote bin) to keep the gaskets moist as well - It works wonders!
  • Have a pond de-icer - ready for installation (in our climate - ponds freeze over). It will melt a small opening in the surface, allowing noxious gasses to escape.

It is a little sad to have to say goodbye but I look forward to enjoying them again next year and see how big they will have grown. I have some fish that are at least 6 years old. I called one L'il Swim however, I am wondering if she needs a name better suited to her size!


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