Real estate fees.

This is always a home sellers concern.   The typical question:  "How much do you charge?"  is what we hear all the time.  There is a wide range of fees offered to sell your home and what many home sellers fail to realize and ask is what and who are you getting for these low fees that are offered?  

Everyone wants to save money,  but do you know what you are really saving?   A good Realtor is a good negotiator,   and this means obtaining you more money for the sale of your home in a quick and efficient way.   An experienced Realtor will diligently handle all the unexpected problems that come up and they will come up. 

Sellers have the option to sell their home themselves and pay nothing for all of their time and trouble,  but if you want a professional to handle it for you properly,   you may be surprised how little it will actually cost you when you see the net results and without all of the hassle.

Low discounted rates cannot compare to the high level of service offered by some Realtors.   Do your research before you sign with any agent,  there will always be agents offering low fees,  how long they can last in this business will tell you all you need to know.

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