Reruns, reruns, reruns...

It is definitely that time of year again. Every show that I like to watch is in reruns, even THE VIEW is in reruns! How does that work?  The Ellen show has been in reruns so long they are showing all her winter shows again, can we still qualify for the 12 days of Christmas? You can always tell by the way they are dressed, wool sweaters and turtlenecks have certainly not been in style this summer anywhere on the planet. Thank goodness for that new feature Rogers has of telling you if it's a new episode, I used to end up watching half the show before I realized I've seen it before... what a time waster that
So what is a girl supposed to do with all that available time ha ha? I can tell you that the house is a lot cleaner and with all the rain and cooler temps it is definitely nice to get out in the yard again and selling houses here and there helps too.

And get ready it looks like there are a lot of new shows coming this fall. What happened to all of the old shows?? Do they just go into never neverland to come back next  year on the TVtropolis channel. How do they fit them all in, have we gained an extra night? It has been so long since the old shows were on I have forgotten what all the cliff hangers were. Some one remind me please, what happened to the Good Wife and who died on Gray's Anatomy?

This summer there have been so many new reality shows I lost count, does anyone really have any talent anymore? Does everyone think they can dance? Is the Bachelorette still engaged? I hear Ryan Lochte is quite willing to be the next Bachelor, I might watch that one, I hope he still has that speedo.

It also means it's almost back to school time, so sad another great summer bites the dust, you can feel it in the air as the sun crosses over in the afternoon. We've had it pretty nice this year. I know we complained about the heat but it sure was nicer here than further south .  

Reruns reruns reruns are ok, lets hang on to summer a little longer.  


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