Sales Stats for April 2014

April 2014 saw 666 homes sell in London and St. Thomas while 180 condo's were traded.  According to the Lstar monthly statistical report. 

Home prices across Canada show London and St. Thomas offer affordable prices compared to other Canadian centers.  The average home in London sold for $248,966.00, up 1.2% since December of 2013, while the Canadian average home price was $390,544.00 

The best selling homes in London continue to be two-storey homes with an average price of $344,843.00, bungalows ($196,050.00) followed by ranches style homes ($305,125.00).  Town house ($158,347.00) condo's and highrise ($311,455.00) condo's were next.  Over all homes sales are down 3.2%.  This market is considered balanced. 

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