Score for the team competition

May 2nd,2011 we launched our "Score for the team"competition were our office has been divided into 6 teams, based on the original six hockey teams who are competing for a financial prize to be divided by the top two teams. The top six Realtors from the 2010 year are team captains and will be motivating their team for the top two prizes. The team captains selected their team at a special draft breakfast held two weeks ago. Sales staff were excited to discover at our May 2nd, 2011 meeting which team drafted them and who their respective captain would be. Each Team Captain announced their team selections at the meeting and held a their own meeting with their team to plan strategy. The team competition is meant to add excitement, fun, motivation and mentoring for all participants and judging from the inital reaction of the sales staff were in for a great "cup" race.  The " Cup"  and financial awards will be presented at our annual awards party in March 2012.  

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