Social Media- Do we have to be SO connected ALL the time?

We've all seen them, young women, young men, older women,older  men, all walking down the street and through the mall with their head down gazing longingly at their smart phones. What is so fascinating that it can't wait five minutes until they are in their car or even until they get home? You hear that familiar ping in a crowd and 75% of the people are reaching down in their purses or pockets to see what exciting news is waiting for them, who is the lucky one?

 A few weeks ago I was in the mall and I saw a women holding and checking her smart phone with one hand while holding a bottle to her childs mouth with the other. She kept going off line a bit and the child's hands were waving in the air reaching for the bottle. I really wanted to say something but I didn't. You hear of the stories of people falling in holes and tripping into fountains because they were not watching where they were going. Quite a joke isn't it? A little sad really.

Do we really need to be so connected all the time? Can't it just wait 30 minutes?

I think I have just made the decision to turn off my smartphone everyone once in a while. I think it will be nice to have some real peace and quiet, Maybe I'll listen to the birds for a while, I'd really like to know what they think about it all.  

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