Tech Tip: Store Your Home Inventory in the Cloud

How are you protecting your homeʼs possessions?
We donʼt like to think about the unthinkable happening, but being a responsible
homeowner means preparing for the worst. One fire or burglary can send us back to
square one, and getting life back on track as fast as possible becomes our top priority.
Homeownerʼs insurance is there to make sure that when the worst happens weʼre able
to recover. One place many people are notoriously lax, however, is in keeping a
thorough inventory of their homeʼs many possessions. Often those who do keep an
inventory keep it somewhere in their house. Unfortunately this isnʼt much help when
the computer where the inventory is stored is destroyed or stolen in the night.
One great solution to keeping an accurate home inventory is using web-based
technology to make sure the information is safely stored away from home. There are
many ways to do this, but the idea is the same: Keep photos, serial numbers,
descriptions, and values stored in a secure place online where you can download the
information later should you need to file or prove a claim.
You should choose a method youʼre comfortable with, but two popular options include
using Evernote (, cloud-based software to “remember everything”
and the home-specific service Stuff Safe ( Each offer affordable
options for recording and storing your homeʼs inventory, including mobile device apps
to make the recording that much easier.
Using cloud-based software such as Evernote or Stuff Safe has a number of benefits:
1) Itʼs secure. 2) Itʼs searchable. 3) Itʼs easy to create “reports” for insurance
companies. 4) Itʼs painless to make quick updates or modifications.
While Evernote offers a completely free option, Stuff Safe has a free trial period. Both,
however, have very inexpensive “premium” options which can provide significant
peace of mind.
Get protected! Get your “stuff” in the cloud.
I always like to keep my clients updated on neat tech tips for managing their home.
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