The green green grass of home...

Who did it and when was it decided that we all had to have beautifully manicured lawns??

We spend so much time, money and effort in the spring pulling out the weeds with our fancy pullers, fertilizing, feeding, rolling and aeriating our lawns and then we complain when we have to cut it every 3 or 4 days. I even got to the point where I picked some of my weeds and put them in a tupperware container and took them to the garden center.  The nice young girl just sort of shook her head and said the only way to get rid of them was to kill my whole lawn and start over. CRAZY!!

Then we get to summertime and the hot dry weather get's here and we spend even more money and more effort watering it so it will grow some more and then we can cut it again.

When I found myself literally sitting on my grass pulling out weeds and putting them in big brown bags I thought 'this is nuts'. I decided right then and there to let the weeds take over, they WIN!! they are softer to walk on and they were here first anyway. I've heard that grass isn't even natural in this area.
When did we start putting all our garden and grass trimmings into paper bags and putting them on the curb so they could fall over and spill everything out onto the street?? What did we do before all the bags? I don't remember seeing then when I was growing up.  Must be a conspiracy.

How much money do you spend each year?? What lengths will you take to get that soft green grass??

Quite often over the last few weeks around 9 pm I've looked out  my kitchen window over my backyard and I could count 3 or 4 nice young skunks out having their evening snack. They are way at the back and only stay about 30 mins so I've decided to let them roam rather than fight them (who wants to smell that all the time anyway)

 I see lots of life in my yard, different coloured squirrels, rabbits, robins, finches and cardinals, it's quite interesting to watch and listen too. I'd love to understand the birds. Sometimes they fight louder than humans.

I must be doing something right if they all like it here. 


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