The personal touch, is it still important?

Over the last few weeks I have been taking a sales training course and have thoroughly enjoyed being back in the classroom as a student. Some people would say why? I come from a Learning and Development background, I provided sales training, I was a sales coach, I created training programs myself. But what I have learned over the years is that you can always use new ideas and you are never to old to learn. Staying updated with what's new in this business is so important. A new spin on an old action can do wonders for the spirits.

One thing that I have heard alot about recently is CRM software or services. This is customer relationship management. The broad overview is that I can hire a company that will send out newsletters, emails, anniversary cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards to all of my contacts. In fact they will even send out cards for your pets if that is what I want. Is this the way of the marketing industry? Is this what I should do. I guess it would keep my name in front of people which is what I want, but what about that personal touch. What about putting my own stamp on the things I send out. Keeping things personal. How long would it be before my clients and friends realized it was all done automatically, that I wasn't doing it myself.

What is more important, quality or quantity?

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