Why Should I buy life Insurance?


I know! It's irritating! I myself feel the same way about some life insurance agents. It seems that they have 100 different products to sell you, from RRSP, RESP, Critical Illness, Disability insurance, Life insurance - Term, Whole, Universal. There seems to be an insurance for everything. In any case! PAY ATTENTION!! You need to listen to someone you trust.

Why Should I buy Life Insurance? There are a million reasons. Mine is simple as getting a death Benefit. Brokers will educate you more on what the policy will do for you and how you can borrow against it and etc. If you are like me and want to keep things simple, just buy a policy for the purpose of death benefit dont worry about all the other stuff. But Why you ask?

If you recently bought a home for 350k or 500k your bank will offer you "Mortgage Insurance" In my opinion meet with a life insurance and buy a life insurance instead. Mortgage Insurance will only insure what is owing on the property for the same cost as your mortgage goes down. It is better to buy a policy so that you can have enough coverage even if your property is paid off. Protect your spouse and your offspring from any debt you have incurred.

This conversation about insurance can go on forever but the most important is to buy insurance as soon as you can. Have you just had a baby? get a policy, even if it is a small one like 50k or 100k. A lot of children fall sick at a younger age these days at which point the insurance company will deny any sort of coverage. Protect your family.

On many occasions families don't want to talk about life and death or what happens if someone dies. My wife came from a family who still won't talk much about what happens to the family after death. In my household we talk about what happens next many times. If you know me, I like to be in control and I know that after death I am not here to control anything. My goal is to prepare my family the best I can and to protect them as well. Do the same. Talk about these things and sort yourselves out.

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