Why not make it a happy morning?!

On a rainy October Wednesday morning when I would rather stay in bed that actually get up, I had a fleeting thought; Why not grab  something quick before I start my work day? So, I dropped my daughter off @ South Collegiate and made my merry way over to a new little spot I just uncovered. I pulled up to the Old South location on Wortley Rd. to The Black Walnut Bakery Cafe and ordered a delicious coffee and a Pumpkin muffin. Of course the service was fabulous and accompanied with a smile. Today I took mine to go however, The Black Walnut offers a cosy spot to sit inside and watch the world go by in their hurried little ways, or if you would rather have yours to go (like I did today) they offer a pretty quick pick up too!  Stop by The Black Walnut at 134 Wortley Rd. for breakfast, lunch or a snack and put something delicious in your tummy and a smile on your face. Enjoy!

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