Winter is here!

Winter is here!

It is December, Winter is upon us, and the holidays will soon be upon us.

While preparing for the holidays, it is important that your house is also ready – beyond the trimmings and bows!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Seasonal maintenance- check the furnace, or have the furnace checked by a professional
  • Replace the air filter- put in a new clean air filter
  • Fuel- If you have a propane or oil furnace, top up the fuel
  • Heating vents- Clear obstacles so that heating vents so air can flow
  • Check your Carbon Monoxide detector
  • Clean and cover your existing A/C
  • Chimney check- if you have one, inspect it. Light a newspaper, the smoke should rise, if it doesn’t it is blocked.
  • Insulate Exposed Piping- Ideally, piping should be wrapped with electrical heating tape then insulated
  • Exterior Faucets- Exterior taps should be drained then turned off. Garden hoses should be disconnected
  • Weather strip windows- Weatherstripping the sides and bottoms of windows and doors if needed
  • Roof inspection- Inspect the roof, or have the roof inspected for missing or damaged shingles. Check the flashing around chimneys; and make sure the gutters and down-spouts are clean

If you find that your home is too small this holiday, give me a call, and we will work towards you moving into a larger home!

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