You CAN Prevent Falls!

  •   1 in 3 seniors will experience a fall each year, and half of those more than once.
  •   40% of seniors' falls result in hip fractures.
  •   20% of injury-related deaths among seniors can be traced back to a fall.

  Seniors are injured at home more than any other location. The bathroom and stairs are particularly dangerous.

Protect Yourself

Anyone can fall. But as we age, our risk of falling becomes greater. That's the bad news. The good news is that falls can be prevented. The first step to avoiding falls is to understand what causes them. For example, poor balance, decreased muscle and bone strength, reduced vision or hearing, and unsafe conditions in and around your home can increase your chance of falling. Staying safe and on your feet is a matter of taking some steps to protect yourself.

You can prevent falls by making the needed adjustments to your home and lifestyle, and by making sure you eat well, stay fit, and use whatever devices will facilitate your daily life while keeping you safe. Your independence and well-being are at stake. Take action!

Your Home


  Ensure that you have non-slip surfaces in the tub or shower.

  Install grab bars by the toilet and bath to help you sit and stand. Make sure they are well anchored.

  Use a raised toilet seat, and a bath seat in the shower, if you need them.

  Wipe up moisture or spills immediately.

Living Room and Bedroom

  Reduce clutter! Get rid of loose wires and cords as well as any other obstacles.

  Consider using a cordless phone to avoid rushing to answer.

  Have good lighting throughout the house and install night lights.

  Make sure the path is clear between the bedroom and bathroom.

  Scatter mats are tripping hazards. Get rid of them or make sure they are non-slip.

  Move slowly out of your bed or chair. Getting up suddenly can make you dizzy.


  Store kitchen supplies and pots and pans in easy-to-reach locations.

  Store heavy items in lower cupboards.

  Use a stable step stool with a safety rail for reaching high places.

  Always wipe up any spills immediately to prevent slipping.

  If you use floor wax, use the non-skid kind.

  Ask for help with tasks that you feel you can't do safely.


  Make sure your stairs are well lit.

  Have solid handrails on both sides of the stairway.

  Remove your reading glasses when you go up or down the stairs.

  Never rush up or down the stairs. It's a major cause of falls.


  Keep front steps and walkway in good repair and free of snow, ice and leaves.

  Keep front entrance well lit.

  Put gardening implements such as hoses and rakes away when not using them.



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