#myportbruce and Fort McMurray

i realize how fortunate we are to live in southern Ontario.  I pray for all those in Fort McMurray.  I have connections there as well and relieved to report that my family is safe and well.  When I walked this evening down in lovely Port Bruce, I thought about the devastation in Alberta and how impressed my cousin was when she came to visit from Alberta.  She couldn't get over how she couldn't see to the other side of the lake.  She fell in love with the Great Lakes.  We touched the shores of the 3 of the 5 Great Lakes (Ontario, Huron and of course, Erie).  We take them for granted.  I've been fortunate to have seen both oceans as my family is from the Maritimes and I have family in British Columbia and Alberta.  Canada is an amazing and beautiful country that we shouldn't take for granted.  I appreciate my home and we must all lend a helping hand to our neighbours in Alberta.  

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