Get Help Removing all that Snow

With news of an approaching winter storm however, try something different. You do not want to waste the following day shoveling, so maybe we can cut our shoveling time in half by taking a few minutes of our time the night before to make things easier.

Lay down salt and de-icer on the driveway before the snow even comes it will make it harder for the snow to stick. You can pick up the ice melt in bulk for a decent price at Home Depot Laying down kitty litter actually helps a bit as well.

Once you are done laying out all of the ice melt, line up  your cars  one behind the other, in the driveway. The snow of course would still cover the cars, but it would be less back breaking come the morning having to remove the snow from them.

As simple as this all sounds, it actually cut snow removal time from the driveway more than in half.