January is traditionally the coldest month of the year so why do I love it so?

January is named after Janus the god of the doorway. Does that mean the doorway to spring? the doorway to a fresh start? the doorway to longer days, the doorway to warmer weather?

I like them all. With all of the concentration on Christmas for soooo long I will admit it's nice when it's finally over. I love the relaxed feeling of January. I make my list of goals for the year, I review my list from last year, I love the fact that the days are getting longer and I love knowing we are on the down slope (figuratively speaking) to better weather.

Although January is the coldest month of the year I always have the sense that we are over the hump, that we can handle whatever Mother Nature has to offer because it's only temporary. It's a great time to start planning spring and summer vacation. It's a great time to start planning new projects around the house. It's a great time to start planning the garden. It's a great time to clean out the closets and it's a great time to acknowledge what I am grateful for.
It's also a great time to look back at my successes and not so successes from last year and plan new strategies and next times. Do we ever actually stop learning from our own experiences? :)

What do you love about January?


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