Home Buyers Information - Part 6/6 - The Home Inspection

The general intent of a home inspection is to provide you with peace of mind by offering a visual assessment, from rooftop to foundation, identifying possible safety issues and the current condition of the property.   


A normal home inspection take 2-4 hours to fully complete, depending on the property.  I encourage you to be present (as I will be) for the entire inspection and to ask questions.  The inspector will provide you with a detailed, easy-to-read analysis of the findings of the inspection and walk you step-by-step through anything significant, making recommendations and noting things to possibly be concerned about. This report can assist you in negotiations or when making future maintenance decisions.  

Here are some points to remember regarding home inspections:

  • It's a visual inspection. Only the readily accessible features of the property will be inspected.  The inspector won't be performing any invasive or destructive testing therefore can't report on hidden defects.
  • A home inspection is not an exhaustive inspection, nor is it all encompassing. The inspector is a generalist not a specialist in all disciplines and may need to refer you to a specialist(s) for further evaluation.
  • It's not a building code or by-law Inspection. It may be necessary to directly contact other authorities to ensure that the property meets required needs.

Remeber, the goal of your home inspection is to identify existing major problems that are apparent during a visual inspection of the property. A listing of minor building flaws, repairs or maintenance items will generally not be provided, except as a courtesy at the home inspector’s discretion.  Remeber to ask ANY questions that you may have at the time of inspection - it's the best time to ask.

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