The future of the 138 year-old Blackfriars Bridge could come down to the findings of a $307,000.00 report.  The inspection has been long overdue said John Braam, managing director of environmental and engineering serices, calling for an in-depth inspection of Blackfriars Bridge.

The inspection has been long overdue.  We have been spending $30,000 - $40,000 a year and I think that this year it was $80,000. in terms of repair. 

The bridge remains a busy transportation route, seeing upwards of 4,000 vehicles per day, Braam said.

The durrent bridge was constructed in 1875 after the original two structures, built in 8131 and 8151 respectively, were both destroyed by floodin in 1851 and 1875.  It is the only tructure erected by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company, out of Canton, Ohio, remaining in Canada.

We're a river city and therefore we are a bridge city.  We need bridges.  The fact that we are moving 4,000 cars per day through this bridge and it funnels them into the downtown core confirms that the bridge serves a real commercial purpose.  This is an example of smart spending.  I think it is reasonable spending Braam concluded.

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