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West Lorne, ON

West Elgin is a municipality and census subdivision in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. The township, which was created on January 1, 1998 by amalgamating the former township of Aldborough with the village of West Lorne, had a population of 5,349 in the Canada 2006

Local Attractions

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SOLD OUT Enjoy a wondeful evening on Friday April 4, 2014 at the Wolf Thrater.  Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8. Read More...
Posted by Team O'Halloran on 2014-03-27
Enjoy a wondeful evening on Friday April 4, 2014 at the Wolf Thrater.  Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8. Read More...
Posted by Team O'Halloran on 2014-03-26

Construction and Expansion

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After our long, dark winter, spring's beginning to show some signs of sun and warm winds, well, a least some sorts. The downside? All that sunshine spotlights your leaf-filled gutters, cracked sidewalks and the dead plants in last year's flower beds. Go through the list and see what areas in your house may be of concern.   Examine the exterior of the chimney for signs of damage. Have the ... Read More...
Posted by Brian Singh on 2014-04-14
Posted by Gregory Galbraith on 2014-03-17

Community Events

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working with a REALTOR®   About organized real estate Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) LSTAR Members are also Members of the Ontario Read Estate Association (OREA), which represents over 50,000 brokers and salespeople belonging to the province’s 42 real estate boards. OREA serves its members through a wide variety of publications, educational programs and ... Read More...
Posted by Ken Small on 2014-03-22
With news of an approaching winter storm however, try something different. You do not want to waste the following day shoveling, so maybe we can cut our shoveling time in half by taking a few minutes of our time the night before to make things easier. Lay down salt and de-icer on the driveway before the snow even comes it will make it harder for the snow to stick. You can pick up the ice melt in ... Read More...
Posted by Sandra Pineda on 2014-02-05

Family & Kids

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Lennon is 6-8 years old.  He was found in early February laying in a snowbank.  He has a 1/4 length tail.  He is shy but affectionate.   Read More...
Posted by Barbara Whitney on 2014-04-07
Genesis is a 10 year old female that is spayed and is a Lynx Point. This poor little girl came to the London Animal Control Shelter on January 20, 2014 after being found on the streets of London abandoned and hungry. She has become very stressed after almost 2 months of living in a shelter and needs a loving home that is quiet and and she can be the only pet. She is very affectionate one-on-one and ... Read More...
Posted by Barbara Whitney on 2014-03-31

Parks & Recreation

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The weather lately has been so strange! Last week there were days where it was sunny but then 5 minutes later it was snowing, and then back to sunny! It's like Canada can't make up its' mind about whether or not it is winter or spring. This week has been mostly rain which has been a bit depressing. But then again it is April. You know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers"! At this rate, ... Read More...
Posted by The Gord And Lisa Team on 2013-04-11

Market Reports and Conditions

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London, April 1, 2014 Spring is here! Despite temperatures that continued to dip well below average for the month of March, there were signs that Spring had finally arrived for a region that had remained locked in a deep freeze over one of the coldest, snowiest and longest winters on record – real estate sold signs! In March 2014, 548 detached homes sold, up 10.7%, along with 118 condos, ... Read More...
Posted by Jeffrey Carpenter on 2014-04-01
  Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 16:30 The Bank of Canada announced on March 5th, 2014 that it was keeping its trend-setting overnight lending rate at 1 per cent, where it has been parked since September 2010. Canadian private sector forecasters currently expect the overnight lending rate to remain on hold until well into 2015. In its assessment of the overall economy, the Bank ... Read More...
Posted by Michael Kalopsis on 2014-03-27

Restaurants / Bars / Coffee Houses

Try this tasty recipe for BBQ . This will work with steak, lamb, pork, chicken and fish. Cook meat as desired then remove from grill and squeeze fresh lemon on meat, sprinkle with oregano and lightly salt, flip and repeat. Love the steaks at the Keg, then give this a try.  Enjoy the nice weather ! Read More...
Posted by John Winsor on 2013-04-23
I know it's over-priced. I know you have to wait in-line. I know that the specialty coffees are extremely high in calories! I know , I know, I just can't help myself. The Cinnamon Dolce is to die for! If I am feeling extra guilty (and let's face it who doesn't these days) I will go for a skinny latte. There are only about 100 calories and gives me a smile. Gosh it just smells so good. The staff ... Read More...
Posted by Marty Mihm on 2013-02-27

Schools & Universities

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We can't believe it's September already! All the kids are back to school this week in London. Many of our clients have children and we hope the best for them during this time of the year. Going to a brand new school can be tough after moving! There are many good public and high schools in London and St.Thomas to go to. There are also great colleges in London. Lisa's daughter is in her last year of ... Read More...
Posted by The Gord And Lisa Team on 2013-09-04


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I know it may be a bit early - but if you are like me and have never purchased winter Tires previously, you might like this info. Not to mention Snow tires can be expensive (whether it is a write off or not - it is still an expense) and need to budget for them. The Storage Bag request is a must do! Winter Tires We regularly encounter ice, unplowed snow, or slush, so you are going to need winter ... Read More...
Posted by Marty Mihm on 2012-10-28

Sports & Activities

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Lets hand it to the women's hockey for their remarkable determination!  What a win in overtime.  Up next our men go for gold! Read More...
Posted by Patricia D'Andrea on 2014-02-20
Sometimes on very sunny days it can be difficult to see oncoming motorcycles especially older bikes with single headlights. Changing lanes please check your blind spots and listen for bikes, turning left be wary of bikes following behind larger vehicles as you don't see them until they are right there. If you ride please ride defensively and watch for aggressive drivers. Lets all drive and ride safe ... Read More...
Posted by John Winsor on 2013-07-08
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