Do I keep my house on the market for the holiday season ?

This is a great question and I can see why people are tempted to maybe say "no" to this question . Busy with work related Christmas parties ,family events ,shopping etc. I GET IT ! But taking your property off the market is a mistake . One thing I can tell you for sure is that it is not going to sell , if it ain't on the market . There is a reason why you hired a Real Estate Agent to do the work .So you wouldn't have to . Well unless you have that Green and White sign in your front lawn.But thats another story.Here are some things to consider :

 - Although buyer activity seems to slow down the buyers that are out there are typically more serious .

 - Alot of relocations typically start after Christmas so the buyers are with there families for Christmas before they go .

 - Most peoples homes show very well as  they are clean ,decorated and very  warm and inviting .

 - With low inventory  and very motivated buyers you will have the MLS members working very hard for you.

  If the negotiations worry you or moving during this busy time. Just keep in mind that you make the final descision so if its not good than make it for when it is . I can 't think of a better gift than knowing your house is sold and you are moving forward. Enjoy your family and friends and let your realtor worry about it .


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