How to keep your home safe this holiday season

I'm excited to start my first real estate blog during my favourite time of the year. Christmastime means so many things to both young and old however for me it's mainly a time to reflect on our relationships with friends and family. We all get busy and sometimes it's the little things like home maintenance that fall off our priority list. Did you know that during the holidays there's an increase in accidents and injuries that occur in and around the home. Many of these are preventable and as responsible homeowners, we should do what we can to ensure everyone enjoys the holidays.

This year my husband and I are hosting several gatherings and I wanted to feel confident that my home is in tip top shape. If you are like me, as the weather drops to below zero, we tend to spend more time indoors. What potential problems could there be lurking in your home?

Did you know about these potential hazards over the holidays? 

  1. CO exposure 
  2. Falls from hanging Christmas decorations and lights
  3. Fires from portable heaters, wood burning fireplace and unattended cooking 


CO Exposure is a preventable injury

Get educated  CO is an invisible odourless & poisonous gas that is produced by common household appliances such as from your furnace, gas fireplace, gas stovetop, gas indoor grill, propane heater and kerosene lantern. It is part of the Ontario Fire Code to have CO detector alarms installed in your home. Did you know that you can be charged $50,000 fine or 1 year in jail for failing to have CO detectors installed properly.

Get inspected All fuel burning appliances should be inspected by a certified TSSA registered technician. You can easily verify if your contractor is appropriately licensed by visiting In my neigbourhood, there were easily 10 contractors that can inspect my home.

Get detectors CO poisoning can be avoided. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and install CO alarms on every level of your home near sleeping areas. Make sure the alarms are regularly tested. The systems of CO poisoning are nausea, headache, burning eyes, confusion, and drowsiness leading to fatalities.

Avoid using a portable heather in any enclosed space as it can lead to CO exposure. Improper ventilation is hazardous and could lead to CO poisoning.

Be cautious of powerful exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens as they can create a negative pressure inside your home and cause a back draft.


Falls and injuries in your home 

Some reminders for preventable injuries over the holidays:

  • Make sure that when decorating at a higher elevation you are aware of the surroundings below.
  • Clean up any clutter or pointy objects on the ground that may injure you in case you do fall off the ladder.
  • When climbing ladders and step stools, make sure it is set on level floor or ground, if you feel unsafe always trust your instincts.
  • Stay clear of slippery areas when setting your ladder or step stool.
  • Do not risk your safety. Don't be a hero, ask for back up and work in pairs if you can.


Fires in the home

Some reminders for fire prevention:

  • Over the holidays it is tempting to join in the festivities while the stove, grill or oven is left on. Never leave these unattended.
  • When plugging in decorations and lights requiring electricity, do not over use or overload your outlets.
  • Use a surge protection powerbar where you have space to do so.
  • Never use portable heaters and kerosene lanterns in an enclosed space.

I hope you find these reminders helpful in preparing for the holidays. 

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