What every homeowner needs to do this Spring

Although it doesn't feel like it this week, we've entered into Spring and it's been about 120 years since the spring equinox has happened this early in the year. Since 1896 Spring has not arrived this early on March 20th, we entered Spring a full 3/4 of a day earlier this year! Springing forward (haha) we homeowners may not be as prepared with getting the home ready for the warmer mild weather. I hope you will find this checklist helpful to remind you of all the things to do to prepare for Spring/Summer.


  • Furnace - if you own it you should replace the air filter, if you rent it you should call the company and find out how often they will service, inspect and replace filters for you for free
  • Hot Water tank - clean and vacuum underneath to ensure optimal operation, perform a quick check to make sure you don't have any leaks by turning off all water and observing the water meter
  • Humidifiers - turn this setting down, humidity should remain be between 30- 50
  • Air Conditioners - if you have a standalone unit outside, take the protective cover off outside, switch AC on, turn the Theramstat to cool/auto
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms - replace batteries and make sure to test each unit, some units have an expiry date, replace any units that have expired
  • Check all vents and airflow in your house and redirect cool air to the warmer parts of the house that get more sunlight


Outside and Around Your Home:

  • Clear any leaves and debris from downspout diverters, drain pipes around the roof, eaves through and around the side of the house
  • Clear around the exterior of your AC unit and ensure no pests or insects have made a home in or around your AC unit.
  • Whether you have a continuous compost or batch compost outside, you should inspect your compost and ensure small critters and rodents have not invaded 


March 22nd was World Water Day

Did you know that as our climate gets warmer with global warming this means there will be greater amounts of water evaporating from all bodies of water. Canadians will likely notice the impact of a warmer climate by the increase in precipitation and more rainfall this year. This could lead to flash floods and unpredictable weather patterns. Our sewers sometimes cannot accommodate the quick increase in rain which in turn could lead to flooding of our homes. We can take small easy steps to protect our homes by redirecting water away from the home's foundation. Installing a rain barrel on your property would prevent the water from simply returning to the ground and overflowing our sewer system or flooding the basements. 

Watch the video below for tips on a "Do It Yourself" Garden Irrigation from your rain barrel.




I hope the above has inspired you to get proactive and ready your home for Spring. Visit Rainbarrel.ca for more information on how you can make a difference.

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