5 Ways to Boost Your Homes VALUE!!!


1. Have a professional come in! Whether it is a Real Estate Agent home inspector, or home designer, these pro's can give you tips on what buyers generally look for, and could potentially save you big $$$ in the long run.

2. Don't put off regular care and maintainance! Before doing fancy upgrades, you want to take care of the basics. Repair that leaky faucet, have the furnace cleaned (recommended yearly), replace or repair leaky and or cracked windows, fill the holes and patch/paint the walls, insulate the attic, tighten the cabinetry hardware, re-grout the tub surrounds, the list goes on and on... so take care of that TO-DO list your wife has been hounding you about for the last 3+ years! A home in tip top shape is going to sell quicker and for more money than one which has not been cared for... and don't fool yourself, the home inspector WILL make note of these defects even the minute ones!

3. Flooring: replace that stained carpet or invest in new lino, if you are still rocking the old orange and green from the 70's. Clean, modern flooring is a major plus to home buyers, and leaves them with one less project after moving in! Try discount carpet companies if you are tight on budget!

4. A smoked in home poses a plethora of problems to most home buyers. If you choose to smoke in your home, that is up to you, but if you want top dollar... discontinue smoking indoors once home is listed, invest in new paint throughout (including ceilings), hire a good cleaning company (windows will need a good scrub!), get a floor cleaning company in to deep clean all surfaces (not just carpets) and open the windows to help eliminate any smell that is still lingering. Have an impartial friend come over and gather their thoughts on the change and any leftover odor.

5. Exterior maintance, this covers everything top to bottom! If your shingles have bit the dust, it is better to replace before selling, the buyer is going to take it off the list price, so beat them to the punch and you are likely to get more $$$ if you take the step to replace them right off the bat. The front door is another hot spot, if it is a total replacement or just a fresh coat of paint, this will make miles of difference in a buyers eyes! Keep the dead branches and bedris cleaned out of the trees and shrubs, pull the weeds and power wash walkways!

The list could go on, but here is a good start to upping your homes value, with a range of price tags on the fixin's!

5 Ways to Boost your Homes Value By Candace Gillanders Century 21 Foothills Real Estate