High River Community Cancer Clinic


Century 21 Foothills is proud to support the expansion of The High River Community Cancer Clinic.

The High River Community Cancer Clinic provides cancer care to southern Albertans in and around High River.

 “September 20, 2016 was a celebration of the generosity of our communities. It is a celebration of people who truly want to make a difference in people’s lives. We are so grateful to the Rotary Club of High River and all the many, many individuals, businesses and service clubs who were part of making today’s opening a reality.” Michael Brown, Executive Director of the High River District Health Foundation

Cathy Couey with the High River and District Health Care Foundation says the 1.6-million dollar newly expanded Community Cancer Care Centre was entirely fundraised through the hard work of the Rotary Club and through the donors throughout the community. The project was launched in May of 2013, a month before the devastating flood that hit the Town and surrounding area however the Rotary Club made good on its pledge to raise $500,000.

As a business owner and resident of High River and longtime member of The Rotary Club of High River, Blair Gordon, is excited to see the Centre open and to witness the impact that a cancer clinic of this caliber will have.