How important are good listing photos?

Back before the internet, folks did drive by's to see if they were interested in viewing a home, they visited open houses! Curb appeal was highly important then, although it is still HIGHLY important, so is the appearance of the interior of your home. People go to the internet to search for a new home, and Realtor's send out emails of potential homes for buyers to preview! Therefore, photos of the interior and exterior are VERY important, if you cannot grab the viewers attention within the first 5 photos... they are jumping right on to the next listing! 

Proper equipment and having someone who knows how to use it is highly recommended! High resolution photos with proper lighting and showcasing the features of the home is what will grab the buyers eye... hold off on posting the listing until you HAVE the photos! There are a lot of cases when you have only one chance to capture a buyers attention and you DON'T want to miss it! 

You want to take the time to ensure the home has been cleaned (windows too), de-cluttered and "staged". This can be tricky with little ones in the house, but take the time before listing your home to organize and prepare for the best first impression! Think of it as if you were creating an ad of yourself for a dating site, your not going to post  photo of you first thing in the morning after a late night of drinking... are you?! No, you are going to spend the time to get ready, do your hair, put on some make-up (ladies ;) and you are going to take the photo in the best lighting and at your best angle! No different when listing your home... we want it looking its best! If you are struggling to do so, you can always hire out a staging company... professionally staged homes are PROVEN to sell quicker and for more $$$ than non-staged homes, so think of this as an investment! Secondly discuss with your Realtor the photos, most Realtors have a photographer that they work with for taking great high quality photos! 

Even after getting the buyer in the door, they are likely to go home and pull up the listing, and send it to a friend or family member, if the photos are dark and drab, this could prevent them from coming back for a second look! So if you or your Realtor do not have good equipment to take the listing photos consider hiring it out! It will help set you apart from the competition and will help to sell your home quicker! 

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How important are good listing photos? By Candace Gillanders Century 21 Foothills Real Estate