Room Layout Planners - why and how they help!

When moving to a new home, whether you are buying new furniture or using your old furniture it helps immensely to pre-plan the room layouts! The little time it takes with all of the new aps available may take a few minutes up front but can save you hours of re-arranging furniture in the future!

Pottery Barn Room Planner click link and Get Started! 

Some aps allow you to size your own furniture, or you can shop their furniture and plan and layout your room! 

Check out room planner, create a login and password and have fun planning!

Another great source is Urban Barn Make the room planner

A few tips when planning your room layout:

1. Pre-measure both the room and furniture pieces that will be in the room.

2. To add visual interest add furniture pieces of different characteristics. 

3. Use scaled pieces to add interest. 

4. Make sure you have pathways to each seating piece, and that the "flow" of the room is unobstructed by either furniture or plants. 

5. When hanging window coverings, hang above and wider than the frame to create the illusion of larger windows! This will also create the look of higher ceilings which will make the room feel more spacious! 

We hope you find these aps and tips helpful for your next move or for the home you are already living in! 

Room Layout Planners - why and how they help! By Candace Gillanders Century 21 Foothills Real Estate