Top 10 Tips for Preparing your home to sell!

A home that is well "dressed" is proven to sell quickly.

Home buyers DO judge the book by the cover, so first impressions are everything! 

Tip 1: When a buyer walks up to your home the outside appearance can determine whether or not they even put one foot in the door! So be sure you have an open walkway leading to the front door, dead bushes and shrubs are removed, cobwebs are cleaned and that the front door is functioning properly. 


Unobstructed clean and tidy walk ways are far more appealing than cluttered dirty, entry ways.

Tip 2: DE-CLUTTER, a simple step and... gives you a head start on your packing. It will definitely pay off even if you need to rent a small storage container for a month or two! By simply de-cluttering you can make a small room look twice as large! So grab those boxes and start packing ;)

***Don’t forget the closets! A half empty closet will show STORAGE space, which nearly every homeowner needs and wants!

Tip 3: Open the blinds, natural light works wonders, so wash the windows, wipe the blinds, clean the drapes (and if the curtains are old and dated... TAKE THEM DOWN, your home will show better without than with old dusty dated drapery!)! Natural light makes your home open and inviting, having fresh air breeze through will also help the home to have a fresh airy vibe! 

Tip 4: CLEAN, this can be time consuming, but roll up your sleeves and put some elbow grease into it, or hire out to a local company! You want your home sparkling from top to bottom, not forgetting corners and those baseboards. Clean and organize inside cabinets and closets as well... cause buyers DO look! Also be sure your appliances have been wiped down inside and out, a smelly fridge wont necessarily turn away a buyer but has been known to turn a stomach! 

Tip 5: Paint, if you can, painting provides an INSTANT facelift to any home! Keep the colours light and neutral to appeal to almost everyone that walks through that front door!

Tip 6: Put up mirrors, not in a cheesy fun house kind of way, but add a nice mirror to that tight hallway and make it appear twice as wide! Mirrors also help add light to dark dingy rooms as well! 

Tip 7: Don't forget about the garage. Tidy, sweep and organize the garage, men have a hard time "picturing" what could be, so do it for them and show the space for all its worth! Clean, organized and room for those automobiles, or that man cave! 

Tip 8: De-personalize, you want your home to appeal to each buyer that walks through the door, so yes it may be sad but tuck away the collectables, and minimize the family photos. This helps the buyer to picture his/her family photos on the wall and their own precious keepsake on the mantle! 

Tip 9: Kitchen- kitchens have been known to sell homes, so remove your everyday counter clutterers! Coffee pots, toasters, sugar & flour canisters. You want to show the most of your counter space, make sure cabinets have been washed down inside and out and remember to de-clutter those cabinets, grab a box or two and remove the items you rarely use. This will show your kitchen at its best!

Tip 10: Bathrooms- bathrooms along with kitchens can sink or swim a buyers opinion of a home, so be sure to have the bathroom spotless! Don't forget to wipe down everything from the lighting fixtures to the base of the toilet! Fresh towels and a clean uncluttered counter do wonders, tight on the budget... check your local dollar store for cheap but nice new clean towels! 


 If you still find yourself scratching your head, you can always seek professional help on preparing your home for a quick sale; To find a professional homestager in your area click here

 This weeks Top 10 Tips brought to you by Candace Gillanders Century 21 Foothills Real Estate

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