Top 5 Tips for Moving with Children

Moving is stressful... add a few kids... ANY AGE to the mix and oh my we have a stressful disaster waiting to happen! If you don't have relatives the kids can stay with while moving, these tips will be sure to help make life a little easier... for you ALL! The last time I moved, luckily the only kidlet we had was in my belly, although moving at 8 months pregnant isn’t all that fun either! Trying not to lift too much but wanting to get settled, it drove me crazy, add "nesting" on top of that! Ha ha! I hope you find the tips here helpful and useful for your next move with the little ones! I know that I will, as the next time we take the plunge we will have two little sprouts, as I am now expecting our second! :)  

Tip number 1: Pack the kids last

This will help in keeping their lives unaffected until the last possible moment, which will help keep you sane without little ones crying and upset over "lost or missing" items. When packing up their items, it is also good to get them involved and use stickers or colourful markers to label their boxes. It will help them to feel a sense of accomplishment by packing their room, be sure to encourage them and show gratitude for their help!

Tip 2: Unpack the kids rooms first

Just like adults, a child’s bedroom is their private sanctuary, so be sure to make it a priority having the kids settled first! If they are at an age to help with decorating, maybe spring for a new bedspread or let them pick new colour for the walls, this will help make them excited about the move and the new home!

Tip 3: Time sensitive

Make sure to plan the move around the kiddos schedules (if possible). For example, if you are moving to a new town and the kids will be starting at a new school. Try to let them finish the semester or year end. This rings particularly true if it is their big graduating year. Pulling your child away from friends right before such a big life event could cause resentment and A LOT of heel dragging regarding the move! I know of friends whose parents moved during our grad year but the child stayed with family and close friends to finish up the school year, this is another great option... if you can handle being away from that crazy teenager! ;)

Tip 4: Keep the most valued treasures together

Pack all of your kiddos favorite belongings in one box, and keep that box with you in your car, so it doesn’t get mixed up with the other packed boxes. This way once you arrive at the new home, let the little one have that box and start organizing their space!

Tip 5: HIRE A MOVING COMPANY! This may be the most important!

Hire a moving company, even if it is just for the big ticket items... I swore after our last move I would never move without a moving company again! Sure having the friends over to help is great, but by the time you spring for pizza and beer... you may as well have spent the money on a professional! Who #1. won't leave until the job is done #2. are PROFESSIONALS and have the proper tools etc to move those important heavy items with little or no damage! #3. Save you the headache of arranging people, trailers, trucks etc! This will make your life SO much easier and therefore will make your children's lives easier! Our kids can sence our stress and it DOES affect their moods so splurge on this one, because it will be worth EVERY cent!

I hope you find these few tips helpful and handy for your next big move with those little people we love so much!!

Top 5 Tips for Moving with Children By Candace Gillanders Century 21 Foothills Real Estate