10 ways to keep the kids BUSY this summer!

Summers are great... but can be hard on mom and dad, kids are out of school and looking for lots to do! Here are some fun, inexpensive and innovative things to spruce up your boring summer days and keep those cute kiddies occupied! 

1. Make your own sidewalk PAINT; 1 cup corn starch 1 cup water and food colouring! This will keep the kidlets busy and give you time to relax or catch up on that yardwork! 

Found on dumpday.com 

2. Fill water bottles with coloured water and set up as a bowling alley, after dark add glow sticks to each bottle, for night bowling! Fun for the whole family :) 

Found on dumpday.com

3. On a hot summer day, why not an old fashioned lemonade stand! The kids will be beaming at night over their hard work and can get themselves a special treat with their hard earned money! 

4. Create a summer boredom buster jar, the kids get antsy... they can go pick a stick, and there you go mom & dad! 

Found on The Girl Creative

5. Set up an alphabetical treasure hunt, set out all the letters of the alphabet and have the kids find objects that start with each letter! Now you have at least an hour or two to relax mom! ;) 

6. When the heat is getting the best of you, hang water balloons from the tree or jungle gym... give the kids a bat and bam... water balloon pinatas, a great way to cool down! 

7. Have the kids build a fort or reading nook in the backyard!

8. When the rain hits and your stumped for ideas, pull out the old board games and share a day of fun, laughter, and some competition. 

9. Grab some poster board and make water colour ice cubes, have the kids to do a family portrait! 

Found on mommo design

10. Create a kids bike wash! This will provide fun for not only the day but all summer long! A little time consuming to create but worth the endless hours of fun and excitement!

Found on Life as a Mama 

10 Ways to keep the kids BUSY this summer! By Candace Gillanders Century 21 Foothills Real Estate