11 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bedroom

1) Above: Baskets under the bed are a great place to stash extra stuff — and unlike the traditional under bed boxes, they're nice enough to look at all the time.


2) Above: If your bed doesn't have quite enough clearance for baskets, try this idea from Wohnidee for converting an IKEA Ekby Alex shelf into rolling under bed storage.

3) Above: Even if you don't have an open wardrobe in your bedroom, a shelf mounted a few feet from the ceiling and running the length of the room can be a great place to stash things that don't get used too often, without losing any floor real estate. From Avenue Lifestyle.

4) Above: Another overlooked storage spot is right over the door. You can DIY a shelf over the door with this tutorial from the Home Depot.


5) Above: If your closet is on the small side (or you don't have a closet at all), freestanding wardrobes can make up for the lack. These are nice and minimal and, positioned on either side of the bed, look almost built in.

6) Above: Add a clothes bar in the corner for a little extra storage. DIY from Mint Loves Social Club.

7) Above: Try shelves above the bed, or a cabinet, or both. Spotted on Hemnet.


8) Above: Another option, if you like reading in bed and don't want to bang your head on a cabinet: wall-mounted cabinets running lengthwise along the bed. Spotted on Design Sponge.

9) Above: Use pot rails and hooks to create storage for jewelry or scarves on the back of the door, as seen on IKEA Family Live.

10) Above: Mount small shelves next to the bed for a little extra storage, as seen on La Maison d'Anna G.

11) Above: A trunk makes a stylish nightstand... and a great place to stash some extra stuff. From Lily.

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