20 Bathroom Tile Styles

Checkered tiles look great wherever you put it. Timeless, classic, and it makes your bathroom look all the more spacious and stimulating.

Cute, tiny little hexagons are the perfect bathroom tile idea for when you want something vintage and sweet with little to no effort.

For a truly modern-chic feel, a finish of dark charcoal sets the mood just right. Its dark shade is perfect for something fresh.

Stone is far from being basic. Its glossy finish is perfect for that modern bathroom style.

Colors make the world go round, and teal does a pretty good job. This color always brings about suggestions of the sea in its very tropical color. Have a great time in this bathroom, and let thoughts of waves and beaches take you away.

Look at how lovely this bathroom is. All thanks to its tile work. Hexagons, two colors and a floral accent is sure to please.

More Colors! Bring in the nonconformity of colors into your bathroom, and never have another lame moment staring at your bathroom floor.

You can laminate your wooden floors while still having  warmth and adaptability.

Remember Placement.
Placement is important. Have your visitors become stunned at your beautiful, glossy teal floors. Place things off center for a fresh twist on things.

Slick, marble tiles are polished and add composure. Your bathroom will give everyone a run for their money.

Orange is perfect for a rejuvenated feel! The energy that this tile floors bring into your bathroom is perfect after a long day’s work.

Black and neutral combinations are great. This bathroom has texture, and the beauty of three concepts rolled into one.

From the fancy flowers on the chair, to the strips on the wall, and the beautiful tiles. This is a great look, and adding patterns in your bathroom can never be a bad thing.

This Victorian-style theme in rich, earth tones is the perfect design for those who want a regal, elegant feel for their bathrooms. The wood brings everything together nicely.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Let your inner artist break out in this modern mosaic-style bathroom, complete with fancy wall art.

A rich color that isn’t too dark or harsh, and offers a sense of depth and delicacy. Chocolate brown is the color to beat.

This beautiful, delicate number is just too good to pass on. With its detailing and crimped edging, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The chevron style is groovy, and slender styles is the perfect way to liven up your bathroom-and any room, for that matter.

Re-do your bathroom in this beautiful shade.

A fresh take on wood, and a wonderful twist on bringing in balance and nature into the room. This look, among with all the others mentioned, are a sure fire way to having the best tile incentives and designs for your bathroom.

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