The Christmas holiday season is one of the merriest times of the year, but it can also be one of the deadliest because of the hazards improper Christmas decorating can bring. By avoiding those hazards and paying
attention to safety tips for holidays, you will make the holidays happy and safe for you and your family.



Whey buying a live tree, make sure that it’s fresh; an aged, dried out tree is a fire hazard.  Look for deep green needles with no evidence of spray painting.  If many needles fall off when the tree is tapped on the ground, or branches pull off and break easily, this is an indication of an aged, dangerous tree.  A fresh tree will usually have sticky resin on the trunk.  If you decide to use an artificial tree make sure the label says “Fire Resistant”, so that if it does catch fire it will extinguish quickly.  Be sure to place all trees, whether live or artificial, far enough away
from fireplaces, stoves, and radiators.  If your tree sits atop a heating vent, close that vent temporarily, and be sure to keep the tree stand of live trees full of water.



Only lights tested for safety (UL label) should be used, and those lights should be inspected for frayed or bare wires, cracked sockets, or loose connections.  Replace bulbs with the same type and wattage, so as not to cause overheating.  No more than 3 strands of lights should be connected together, and verify that any extension cord is rated for the intended use.  Electric lights should never be used on a metallic tree, as faulty lights can pass on electric currents to humans.  Lastly, make sure to always turn off indoor and outdoor lights if you’re  not home, and before you go to bed; a timer is an inexpensive investment.  For outdoor lighting, make sure the lights are certified for out for outdoor use, and stay far away from any electric power lines.  Lastly, make sure outdoor lights are plugged into circuits protected by ground-fault circuit-interrupters (GFCIs).



All decorations should be non-combustible or flame-resistant if possible, and pay attention to any small
items that could be ingested accidentally by children, or any sharp or breakable items that could harm children.
Candles should be placed out of range of children and pets, and certainly not near the tree or any fresh needles, and blown out when you’re not in the room.  And lastly, as tempting as it is to throw wrapping paper into the fireplace, a sudden intense ignition could be dangerous.


So enjoy this Christmas with peace of mind by following
these safety tips for holidays.  Your family is worth it!