Its that time of year…getting your home ready for sale

The holidays are over and the new year has started.  If this is the year you are looking to list your home then perhaps it is time to give us a call. Are you looking for some more tips on getting your home ready to list?  Here are a few simple ones… 

1. Declutter…I am not a fan of depersonalization…but certainly clearing off the fridge, counters, emptying the items on the coffee tables, organizing the closets etc and in general putting away the extra items laying around.  This is an inexpensive way to improve how your home presents to the buyer, allowing them to visualize their own items there. When viewing a home free of clutter the purchaser can appreciate the space and amenities offered in the home and does not get distracted by the items lying around. This might also include removing oversized furniture or re-organizing it for better placement to make the rooms look more spacious.

2.Paint…I say this cautiously.  As agents we often say paint is cheap…a good paint job may increase the value of your home significantly, but a poor one may actually decrease the value.  If you have never tackled painting a wall, room or home then perhaps it would be good to have an expert come in.  By toning down those brightly coloured rooms, or freshening up the walls that have scoffs and chips a home certainly appears well carried for and may entice the buyer more then one that has been 'well lived in'. Not sure what a professional costs, ask your realtor for a referral to a local painter and get a quote then you and your realtor can decide where best it might be to spend the extra needed money prior to listing.

3.Clean…Wash down the doors(especially if you have pets that jump up on them, wash down the walls, light fixtures and dust in the corners.  Check the furnace filters, window sills, and in the bathrooms.  The little extra time spent cleaning will also improve the quality of the homes presentation to perspective buyers. Re-caulk the tub if need be.

4.Discuss with your realtor any renovations you may be planning prior to proceeding. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future not all renovations will net you an extra profit..ask the expert.

For more tips and ideas please contact anyone of our agents who would be happy to asset you.