The 8 Most Common Living Room Mistakes

MISTAKE #1: Not Using Color
We know, we know: You're going for minimalist. But without any color, your sleek, modern space can quickly turn boring and sterile.


MISTAKE #2: Matchy-Matchy Furniture
Hey, guess what? Jennifer Convertibles totally wants to sell you a Price Is Right-style matching living-room set. Guess what else? You should just step away from the Price Is Right-style matching living-room set.


MISTAKE #3: Relying Exclusively on Overhead Lighting
You know that icky fluorescent glow you get in an American Apparel dressing room? That's what your house guests feel every time they come over.


MISTAKE #4: Pushing All Furniture Against Walls
Is there something inherently embarrassing about the back of your sofa? Arranging furniture flush against the wall creates an overly formal vibe (not to mention an awkward, empty space in the middle of the room).


MISTAKE #5: Forgetting End Tables
You should never balance a glass of Malbec on a couch cushion. Never.


MISTAKE #6: Hanging Art Too High
Why, oh, why are so many people inclined to hang their art mere centimeters from the ceiling? (The Kleenex also isn't helping things in this case.)


MISTAKE #7: Teensy-Tiny Rugs
We get it: Rugs are expensive, so it can be tempting to go with a smaller size. But as far as proportion goes, a rug defines an area, and it looks weird when it's small and floating out in the middle of nowhere.


MISTAKE #8: Buying Furniture You'll Never Use
Yes, an antique writing desk would make you look so bookish and cool. But be honest with yourself. Are you ever going to use an antique writing desk? (Or a retro church pew? Or a giant farmhouse table if you haven't entertained since the Clinton administration?) Don't decorate for the person you want to be--decorate for the person you are.


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