Tips On How To Avoid Food Waste

Wasting food is the worst. We definitely don't plan to do it. But, as hard as we try not to it inevitably seems to happen in one way or another.

Here are some tips to help avoid the food waste: 


1. When in doubt, freeze it.

- You can freeze more items than you think, if you think you may not finish leftovers that are in the fridge- just freeze them.


2. Keep perishables at eye level in the refrigerator.

- Put produce at eye level instead of hiding it in the drawer. This gives you a more "in your face" view of the food that needs to go.




3. Store condiments in the crisper.

- Use freshener drawers to keep condiments in, condiments take a long time to expire- it just makes sense.


4. Plan ahead... but not too far ahead.

- Make meal plans for three days in advance, if you plan for further than that, usually food ends up going to waste.
- If you make the meal plan, leave gaps in it to fill in with food that is easy to make (Canned goods).


5. Repurpose leftovers.

- Turn leftovers into new meals, I.e. left over taco-fixing can become omelets or breakfast burritos the next morning. 


6. Make an "eat this soon" list.

- It helps to see a list posted on your fridge to quickly see something to pack for lunch.
- Put a white board on your fridge and keep an inventory of everything you have in there. As you eat the items, erase them and consult the board before going shopping. Helps with both using things that may have been overlooked, as well making sure you don't overbuy when you go to the grocery store.


7. Keep a broth bag in the freezer.

- Keep a 'broth bag' in the freezer. In the bag go: carrot ends, the knobs and peelings from most veggies, mushroom stalks, herb stems, the occasional potato peels, the garlic scapes that are about to go bad, even the papery garlic shells. Just anything that would be good in broth. Then when the bag's full, make a nice stock, adding whatever's still necessary.


8. Store food properly.

- Fresh herbs can really invigorate your cooking, but it can be truly frustrating to buy a big bunch of parsley, use 25% of it. Place the herbs in the plastic bag, add a couple of tablespoons of water into the bag, and then tie the bag with a loose knot. 






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